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MacGuffin Magazine 07 2019

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About this edition:

The Trousers

Eerdere edities van MacGuffin Magazine 07 2019

About MacGuffin MacGuffin is a design & crafts biannual featuring unexpected stories about the life of ordinary things. The magazine uncovers the personal and sometimes curious relationships we have with the stuff that surrounds us. Each issue is based around a single object. From cabinets to sinks, from beds to balls, exploring the personal, highly familiar or utterly disregarded role these things play in our lives. MacGuffin was founded in 2015 by Kirsten Algera and Ernst van der Hoeven and is widely recognised as an indispensable resource within the cultural landscape. Over the years MacGuffin has grown into more than just a magazine, a platform for all those who want backstage information about the life of things.


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